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This company was formed by Ross Dyer in 1998 with an aim to create a new level of opportunities to farmers.  His passion, energy and enthusiasm, for all livestock requirements and services, conducted professionally, with an attached guarantee.

With a wealth of experience, spanning over 30 years in the farming sector, stock agency work and 10 years in the meat industry 5 being in management. Ross has an extensive broad knowledge of the livestock industry which allows him to offer a top level of service and advice to clients.  He is able to assist and add real value to any farming operation.

His introduction and education of young agents throughout the years, has added some new blood and youth into an ageing industry.

Ross is supported by four very competent agents covering the Central and Southern Hawke's Bay, into Northern Wairarapa and the wider Hawke's Bay dairy sector.

W R Dyer Livestock is based in the Hawke's Bay, with no boundaries!!  

Working towards the future.




Various line heifer calves

Various lines MA Breeding cows 

600 CS Romney Ewe Lambs 35 kgs

200 MA SIL ewes to Terminal 1st Feb 145%



Male lambs 33 - 38 kg

GAP & ABF Free Ewe & wether lambs 28 - 38 kgs

Romney ewe lambs 32 - 36 kgs

Plus additonal lines of stock required or for sale in the attached PDF

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